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Leading manufacturer of Custom Promotional Umbrellas and Key Chains

Launched in 1994, QJ Animation Culture came into existence with an aim to manufacture high quality products. With the goal set high and no compromise in quality we created a line of products like soft PVC, Silicone, metal products like pin badge and key chains and custom promotional umbrellas. With over 16 years experience in manufacturing products, involving with many small and international client we have made a mark in delivering high quality products to our customers. Some of our top customers are: FIFA World Cup, Olympics Games, Asian Games, and Universalized. In addition, many small ventures helped made us the leading manufacturer of custom promotional umbrellas and many other products.

Many products like umbrellas and key chains play a small role in our life but these small things do make a significant difference. The basic purpose of an umbrella is protection against the rain. However, many umbrellas fail to provide for this basic purpose as they are made from cheap material that just can’t withstand strong wind currents. To add to that most of the umbrellas in the market come with a standard fabric and color. We at Animation Culture take needs very serious and so we provide durable umbrellas which will protect you in the harshest of environment. Not only that with wide variety of fabric to choose from we give power to our customers to choose a umbrella that will define them, a color or design of their choosing. We make high quality metal accessories like pin badge, Key Chains coins and many other accessories. All these items are custom made as per requirement of our customers and are delivered on time. Custom Promotional Umbrellas and metal items are corrosion free and durable. Our medals are used in Olympic Games and Asian games. With vast selection in key chains as well from metal key chains to PVC keys.

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Animation culture with its commitment has delivered its customers with the best of quality and has always fulfilled the promise. With a wide variety of products to choose from we offer best price to our valued customer. We welcome you to browse from our list and place an order any time. Our contact details are given on the webpage so come be a part of the best products as we are sure to provide our best to you.

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